By Beverly S. LaLonde

Lay Up

We get so excited when
it’s almost lay-Up time…
I do lots of baking and
make sure the house looks fine.

My labor is all wasted
when HE walks in the door
with boxes, bags and luggage,
all laid out on the floor…

He starts the sorting “process”,
all rain-gear in a pile…
Shirts and boots are strewn around,
while I just try to smile.

Stacks of old pictures,  letters
He’s saved since way last Fall –
All separated……. “sorted” –
and strewn from wall to wall.

When He gets it ALL unpacked –
and stowed away just so….
He’ll get his “Fit-Out Notice” –
saying it’s time to go!

The house will lose it’s “bulges”
as He repacks His gear
It will be clean (and lonely) –
until THIS time next year.


    9 replies to "Winter Lay Up: A Poem About The Wife Of A Great Lakes Mariner"

    • Dick Rouse

      Thanks, Mom of Doug! Well done.

    • Alan Sieting

      Good morning, That sounds like a great idea Doug, And this poem is a great way to start things going. And your mom sends me a poem some. times Have a GREAT day.


    • Doug LaLonde

      Good to see you Alan. Thanks LOTS for the encouragement too!

    • Linda

      I love your Mom’s poems. Good idea to post them here.

    • Doug LaLonde

      Thanks Linda! I think so too – but it helps when you encourage/support my decisions – It’s good to be home Baby!

    • Renee Butterfield

      Boy, can I relate as I grew up a Sailor’s kid and this brings back heaps of memories! Thanks!

    • Bruce Kaatz

      Great job, Beverly! And a wonderful addition to the blog, Doug. Keep up the good work and great ideas!

    • Todd Shorkey

      Thank you Mrs. LaLonde for sharing this great poem with us!

      I look forward to reading more!

    • Tim Burke

      Doug, I to grew up as a son of a mariner and recently retired just as my father did. I like reading your posts which are always filled with wit, humor and some very interesting facts. keep up the great work I think that everything is very informative and it seems to create some sort of bond. Tim

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