Charting Our Course
Charting Our Course

Hi,  my name’s Doug LaLonde.  I am a Mate/Pilot for American Steamship Company.  I’m employed on one of their Thousand Foot ships, (we call them a “footer”), called the M/V Indiana Harbor.

Although I certainly do NOT believe I know “everything” about shipping bulk freight on the Great Lakes, I do know quite a bit about it.  Why? Well, to begin with, I’ve been doing it practically all my adult life.  I first went to work for American Steamship Company, (formerly “Boland and Cornelius”), when I was 18 years old. Now I’m 59.

So, yea – I guess I know more than most people do about working and living, (and piloting), a Great Lakes Self-Unloading Bulk Freighter. And I would be happy to share what I know about it with you.

There are things that are happening in our industry that I’m not happy with.  But we’re not going to dwell on the negative here. Because, there are many reasons that I’m very happy with the job I work and the Company I work for. To begin with, everything I have, including my knowledge of this occupation can be directly attributed to my job here.

So, with no further adieu;  I wish to welcome you to my blog because I’m thankful you have taken an interest in what I’m writing about. Please take a moment to fill out the form to the right to receive my “Bi-Weekly Newsletter”!

Check out all the pages and post here.  If you’re interested in shipping on the Great Lakes…  You’ve come to the right place!