When you have a “Blog” you need to post to it as much as practical.  At times “Posting” to a Blog is more of a chore than a pleasure.  Today – I felt like I should write a post just so that folks who visit here would have something fresh to read.  I’ve got to admit though,   I really don’t know what THIS “Post” is going to be about.  I haven’t even thought of a title for it yet.

At the moment, the “Mighty” M/V Indiana Harbor is heading up Lake Huron for Detour and eventually Superior, WI.  Right now we’re just North of Thunder Bay Island.  We’ve got a stern wind and sea that is on our Starboard quarter.  The seas are about 5 feet high, the wind is blowing about 25 mph.  Except for a gentle roll the Big Indy is “riding” easy at about 15 statute mph.

We should be at Detour Reef Light at about 2030 Eastern Time this evening. With a little luck will be up to the Poe Lock at Sault Ste. Marie by 0230 in the morning tomorrow.  That means we’ll be going through the Duluth Piers at about 0630 on the 14th – Wind and Seas permitting.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see my lovely wife Linda when we dock at the Midwest Energy Terminal in Superior, WI shortly after reaching the Duluth Piers.

Our Uneventful Run Up The Detroit And St. Clair Rivers

Last night, after unloading at the Great Lakes Steel Plant, (Zug Island), in Detroit we headed up the Detroit River.  We then crossed Lake St. Clair and transited up the St. Clair River.  Nothing exciting happened.  In fact we didn’t even meet another ship.  It was a very dark night with rain and heavy overcast skies which caused difficulty seeing because of the rain-drops on the windows.  We have lots of good navigation equipment though so we had no problems during our transit. We hardly heard a word over Channel 11, the frequency we monitor in the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers. We finally met the Spruce Glenn just below the Bluewater Bridge but that was the only Vessel we met all night long.

As we left Port Huron we were running into Northeast Gales but that soon diminished and we had a more or less pleasant ride up Lake Huron.  Now, waking up from my nap, (after my watch), I can feel that the water is getting shallower and we must be getting close to Detour.  I’ve got a feeling we’ll have a fairly quick trip up the St. Mary’s River and we’ll be tying up at the Soo Locks on my watch about the time I expected to – 0230 on April 13, 2013.

Dinner tonight was pretty good.  Steve, our Chief Cook, (we only have one), does a pretty good job.  He only has one person in the Galley to help him, (Mohammed the Steward’s Assistant), and so he always seems kind of in a hurry.  He had a couple of entrée’s on the menu – I had the deep fried Walleye with Fries and Coleslaw.  I think the other choice was some type of Veal.  Of course, being Friday I had the Walleye.  On Sunday morning when we get up to Superior, WI I’ll probably take Linda out for breakfast.  I’m sure she’ll like that.  Seeing one another once every week or so kind of breaks up the monotony.

So, THERE – I’ve written a Post for my Blog.  I KNOW it’s not very interesting but at least you know what we’re up to at the moment and you know I’m “trying”.  I promise I’ll try very hard to write something interesting in the next couple of days.  I just didn’t feel much like writing today.  Maybe I should have just waited till I thought of something.  But then maybe someone will find something interesting about this Post.

Take Care!

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    • Linda

      I’m sure your lovely wife, Linda, will love going to breakfast with you Sunday morning.

    • Alan Sieting

      Good mornong Doug, We enjoy anything you write, and can hardly wait for the next new one. I am sure Linda glad for any meal and the time you get togather. I go back and read toe old enrtes whil waiting for the next new ones. Hope you have a nice trip.

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