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The Great Lakes Ships Website was built by a Great Lakes Pilot. It was first created to give those interested in Great Lakes Shipping a bird's eye view of life on a Great Lakes Freighter.

The man who created this website, Doug LaLonde, was a Marine Pilot who retired from the American Steamship Company in 2014.


35 Years On Great Lakes Ships

Doug LaLonde retired "from" The M/V Indiana Harbor (pictured above). During his career on the Great Lakes he worked his way up thru the "hawsepipe" to 1st Mate/Pilot. 2013 was Doug's last season as a Great Lakes Mariner.

As strange as it may seem, (really not so strange), Doug's Dad - Ted LaLonde also retired from the M/V Indiana Harbor.

The "New" Great Lakes Ships Website


Great Lakes Ships T-Shirts

The "New" Great Lakes Ships Website will not JUST be a place where Doug talks about life as a Great Lakes Mariner...

It will also be a place where Doug can shine a light on his awesome Merchant Marine Custom T-Shirt Collection!

Great Lakes Ships T-Shirts

Great Lakes Ships T-Shirt Designs

Since his retirement in 2014, Doug, aka DIAMONDDUG, has spent a good share of his time designing shirts for Merchant Mariners.

Hundreds of Mariners have bought his DIAMONDDUG-SHIRTS™.

Doug took it upon himself to learn how to proficiently use the amazing software programs, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, so he could successfully create beautiful T-Shirt designs for Merchant Mariners AND others!

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